The Bond Nursing Students Share

Choosing a nursing career is more than just picking a profession. Nurses have a special relationship that stems from their shared goals
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To choose a career in nursing is more than just selecting a profession, it’s joining a family. There is a special bond nurses share that comes from their common goals and similar temperaments. They’ve been through battles together, worked long hours side by side, and care for their patients deeply — these shared experiences forge strong bonds.

This sense of community — of family — doesn’t begin on the floor or in the clinic. No, it begins long before that; it begins in nursing school. Once again, shared experiences are a significant factor. Nursing students are going through the arduous process of a challenging educational experience, and they’re going through it together.

Late night study sessions, illuminating classroom discussions, and stressful clinical rotations are just a few of the things nursing students go through together. Collaboration is valued. Trust is earned. And lifelong friendships are formed.

Recently, as part of National Nurses Week, we asked members of the UWorld Nursing Facebook page to share how their friends helped them get through nursing school. We loved the replies; here are just a few . . .

Ashley H. Liz F. Rene C. Roxanne C. Luis D. — these are my people for life and we all leaned on each other through this journey. WE have made it through together. -Cynthia C.

I couldn’t have made it through these challenging 4 years without the support, encouragement, and laughter shared by my friends Grace C. and Gial L. (aka, The Three Musketeers). -Juan R.

LeNora H., our class president, went out of her way to find NCLEX resources for our class of 2021! -Benji D.

Exchanging notes and frequent reminders. -Tahona J.

Couldn’t have done it without my study buddies, emotional support people, and fellow ketchup freaks Grace C. and Juan R. -Gail L.

As we all know, nursing school is incredibly stressful and support from friends is vital. We are there for each other when we need a good laugh after a hard test or shoulder to cry on when clinical gets overwhelming. I honestly couldn’t have done it without my friends Clara R., Gracy D., and Varsha V. -Wangmo L.

Moral support when life got super messed up during school, study sessions, and accountability. Daisy R., ily. -Suzie R

Abbey T. and Carly A. We helped each other with study guides and reviewing information we didn’t understand. -Allison T.

Nursing school isn’t easy, but as these comments demonstrate, you won’t have to go through it alone. There will be difficult days, confusing clinicals, and exhausting exams, but your friends will be there to pick you up when you feel down.

This is just another reason why nursing is so much more than a career — nursing is a community.

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