Finding the Right Fit — Choosing a Nursing Specialty

Choosing a Nursing Specialty
We asked nursing students which specialties they find most interesting. Here’s what they told us.
Choosing a Nursing Specialty
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When choosing a nursing specialty, there are a number of factors to consider — salary comparisons, the job market, your disposition, and the daily expectations of the specialty are a few important things to keep in mind.

But equally important — if not more so — is this question: What nursing specialty is the most interesting to you?

If you are going to have a long, productive career in nursing, it is important that you settle in a specialty that you enjoy, that challenges you, that keeps you mentally engaged and interested.

Let’s face it, not every day on the job is going to be “fun.” You will have days that are a grind, and you will have challenges that are difficult. However, if you are in a specialty that you really love, those stressful days are much more manageable. 
With this in mind, as part of National Nurses Week, we asked the following question on the UWorld Nursing Facebook page:

Which Nursing Specialty Do You Find the Most Interesting and Why?

We loved the comments and thought you would too. Here are the answers we received:

Med Surg, because I like the acute setting and that area allows you to learn about lots of disease processes and how to care for patients in that setting.

– Ishrat T.

Definitely ER. I was able to see so many different diagnoses and all ages of patients.

– Gail L.

Pediatric Nursing! I love kids!

– Maria A.

Oncology because you see how important bedside nursing is to a patient who is going through a life changing moment.

– Erica P.

Med Surg because it gives you the basic foundation of disease process, and it was always great to be able to use the knowledge learned to recognize signs and symptoms of various diseases when at clinical.

– Jamara B.

L&D, NICU, PEDS. I love these areas, and have a natural connection after working as a secretary.

– Cynthia C.

Pediatrics. Very interesting diseases that could happen if your body fails to develop properly.

Tashona J.

Emergency room 100%. I’ve worked in a level one trauma center as a tech for the last 8yrs., and I love the high pace, acuities, the teamwork, and the fact that it helps you keep most of your skills sharp.

– Juan R.

Peds because children are very resilient and so brave. They are adorable.

– Jackie R.

NICU. I had 3 preemies and spent months in the NICU and on hospital bedrest months before 2 of them were born. Those experiences are what drove me to want to be a nurse and love on others as me and my children were loved on.

– Amanda G.

Forensic nursing.

– Alexyss A

Intensive Care Unit. Working in ICU helps to tackle every life saving procedure. It gives full satisfaction that I am providing care and protecting patients’ lives which matters a lot.

– Aruna S.

Med-Surg. Getting to know everything especially as a new nurse.

– Antonia R.

PACU is because it is not just all about monitoring the patient. It also makes nurses think critically when patients become more unstable. Prioritization of nursing actions is the main highlight in this unit.

– Praise P.


– Amy R.

Wound Care. I am amazed at how much the body can endure and love how it can heal.

Kizzy B.

Medical-Surgical, Oncology, ICU, ED, Pediatrics, NICU, Labor and Delivery — these are just a few of the many nursing specialties to choose from. The thing to remember is that there is a specialty out there that is just right for you. Take your time. Do your research. Allow for trial and error. If you do, you’re going to have a long and rewarding career in nursing.

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