Dynamic NCLEX® Study Planner

Generate a personalized study schedule in minutes with the dynamic NCLEX Study Planner. It doesn’t matter if you're months or days away, we take the guesswork out of planning and help keep you on track.

Study Smarter with our NCLEX Study Planner

Focus on what matters most and maximize your chances of success.

Personalized Planning

Input your start date, end date, and available study hours, and our intelligent algorithm will create an optimized study plan.

Time Management

Make every study session count. Stay on track with progress checkpoints, and our smart scheduling tool.

Access Anywhere, Anytime

Whether you're at home, in a coffee shop, or on your daily commute, the dynamic calendar is always at your fingertips.

Getting Started is Easy!

Just follow the instructions below and start studying.


Answer a few brief questions

Need to squeeze in quick study sessions? Only available to study on the weekends? No problem. Tell us how much and how often you want to study, and we’ll plan accordingly.


Receive your study plan.

Get a complete study plan with personalized practice tests and high-yield videos that cover every subject and system.


Follow the daily schedule

Sometimes life gets in the way. That’s why we make it easy to adjust while still tracking your progress. Miss some sessions? We’ll get you back on track.

Spend More Time Studying and Less Time Planning

When you’re preparing for the NCLEX, efficiency is key. Don’t waste time stressing about what to study, when to study, and for how long. Use our study planner to get started!

Visualize your Progress

View a blueprint of your study plan in our calendar format. Each day includes links to exactly what you need to study and for how long.

Visualize your Progress

Set Clear Goals

Set Clear Goals

Select your start and end date, calculate how many hours a week you can study, and then view your study plan for each day, week, and month.

Build Positive Study Habits

Consistency is more effective than cramming. We provide a manageable pace of review lectures and practice tests to keep your momentum going.

Build Positive Study Habits

Stay Exam Ready, Even on the Go

Stay Exam Ready, Even on the Go

Swap social media scrolling for targeted review. Use the UWorld Nursing mobile app to access your study plan from anywhere.

A Smart Study Plan + Quality Prep = NCLEX Success

Create your NCLEX study strategy using our top-notch materials and watch your comprehension soar! Our dynamic NCLEX Study Planner is packed with essential resources, including high-yield videos and a vast collection of practice questions (featuring Next Generation NCLEX questions) crafted by nursing experts to challenge and exceed the exam's demands. With comprehensive coverage of all subjects and systems, you'll gain the exposure needed to excel.

Frequently Asked Questions

The NCLEX dynamic study planner uses an intelligent algorithm to generate a personalized NCLEX study schedule based on the time constraints of the individual.

Just plug in your start and end date, specify the number of hours you can commit to studying per day of the week, and our intelligent algorithm will generate a personalized NCLEX study plan for you!

No study tool or program can guarantee NCLEX success. Ultimately, it’s up to you to follow the study plan and use your quality resources effectively. However, if you do those two things, you are certain to improve your score at the very least.

The Dynamic NCLEX Study Planner is easy to set up and use. The dashboard is simple, clean, and intuitive, and the interactive calendar provides everything you need to start studying.

This depends on how long you have to study before taking the exam. Breaking the material into smaller chunks makes it easier to cover all the subjects and systems prior to taking the exam.
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