High-Yield NCLEX® Videos

Get NCLEX-ready from the comfort of your couch. Watch bite-sized review videos in the back of an Uber or on your lunch break. Pause, rewind, and review critical NCLEX topics at any time and from anywhere.

Learn Faster and Remember More with NCLEX Review Videos

Transform your NCLEX study plan with our engaging, bite-sized review videos, designed to ensure you're NCLEX-ready in no time. Our dynamic and interactive visual learning approach focuses on the most high-yield topics to help you pass the exam the first time.

Visually Engaging

Engage with images, charts, graphs, mnemonic devices, and study tips that make difficult topics easy to understand.

Access on the Go

Swap social media scrolling for a quick study session. Watch a video with closed captions on your lunch break or use speed controls for a quick review.

Study with Nurses

Videos made for nurses by nurses. We know what you need because we've been where you are.

Next-Level Prep for the Next-Generation NCLEX

Nursing education is evolving, so we're constantly adapting to help you stay ahead of the curve. Our high-yield videos give you all the benefits of the most critical points of a college lecture condensed into brief, easily digestible videos.

Bite-sized videos

Your time is valuable. That's why our NCLEX review videos are instructional but also concise, allowing you to easily grasp complex concepts without feeling overwhelmed.

Bite-sized videos

High-Yield Topics

High-Yield Topics

Don't waste time sifting through countless resources. We've developed content that focuses on the most important topics you need to know for the NCLEX.

Interactive Visuals

Our stunning visuals and animations make even the most challenging subjects easier to understand, ensuring you remember the most important information on exam day.

Interactive Visuals

Stay on Track

Stay on Track

Dashboard cards enable you to visualize your progress and measure your time spent on each video.

Join the 98% of UWorlders Who Pass the NCLEX

We provide a clear path to success, you just have to walk it.

Frequently Asked Questions

UWorld’s High-Yield NCLEX videos are included with every subscription and accessed from the dashboard of your UWorld NCLEX Review course. More videos are added throughout the year and users with active subscription will get automatic access to all updates and additions.
UWorld’s High-Yield NCLEX videos are included with most of the NCLEX RN and PN Review courses.
Yes, watching videos on high-yield NCLEX topics can be a substitute for reading traditional textbooks, especially if you are a visual learner. UWorld’s suite of NCLEX-prep resources should be combined to fit your learning style and needs. Videos are one way to consume important information about high-yield NCLEX topics, but are most effective when combined with high-quality NCLEX-style practice questions, self-assessment tests, and other tools.
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