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Boost Retention with High-Yield NCLEX Videos and Measure Progress with Assessment Exams

Helping You Prepare the Next Generation of Nurses

We are committed to the development of evidence-based nursing education products that build strong clinical reasoning skills and promote student success. Over a million nursing students have trusted us for their exam-prep needs, and now colleges and universities like yours are trusting us to meet their needs as we move towards a next-generation standard in nursing education.

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Next Generation NCLEX®
(NGN) Practice Questions

Available for RN and PN
Present case studies and stand-alone items during class for instructions or discussion, create assignments using NGN questions, traditional items, or a mix of both, and measure students’ clinical judgment with our gradebook and enhanced reporting features.

Why Partner with
UWorld Nursing?

Whether you are preparing students for NGN-RN, NGN-PN, or the FNP exam, our QBanks only include items written at or above the levels of difficulty of the exam.

They’ll Understand
the “Why”

Our innovative, content-rich rationales, paired with vivid illustrations and images, detail the clinical reasoning behind correct and incorrect answers.

You’ll Keep Them
on Track

Gauge your students’ NCLEX readiness with multiple NGN-style assessments, designed to help you track their progress over time, and identify areas for remediation.

They’ll Remember More

Bite-sized high-yield NCLEX review videos help you reinforce key concepts in a concise and focused manner, leading to better retention of information.

You’ll Save Time

Dashboards and reporting tools give you insight into individual and class performance, while item-level reports provide information for program improvement purposes.

You’ll Empower Them

Support your students’ learning with access to a Self-Study QBank. Personalized performance metrics help keep them on track and innovative study tools improve retention.

Partner Success Stories

University of Michigan

This BSN program used the Learning Platform for Nursing for instruction and assignments to ensure NCLEX success!

West Alabama University

Learn how this HBCU transformed their program and achieved a 100% NCLEX Pass Rate with the help of UWorld Nursing!

Wilkes University

This accelerated BSN program used the NCLEX-RN QBank for targeted remediation and achieved NCLEX success!

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Questions About an Institutional Purchase?

Institutional pricing is available to any school or institution that purchases subscriptions on behalf of students for educational purposes and meets the minimum enrollment requirement of 25 students.

Exact discount amounts will vary based on several factors, including the quantity of the purchase, the product ordered, and additional institutional requirements. To receive an official quote, please provide the estimated enrollment and the desired subscription duration.

Institutional pricing is available for UWorld’s Next Generation NCLEX-RN, Next Generation NCLEX-PN, Clinical Med Math, and Family Nurse Practitioner QBanks. A minimum enrollment requirement of 25 students.

Subscription start dates are customized for each institution.

A brief overview of the process is as follows:
  • We provide an official quote for the quantity and duration that is requested.
  • The purchaser provides an official purchase order and a list of participating individuals.
  • We process the order and participating individuals will receive their own unique discount code via email. They will be prompted to register at UWorld.com and activate their subscription. The subscription can be activated at any time following redemption, with no deadline for activation.
  • We will provide a final invoice once the order has been processed.
  • Purchaser will then remit payment per the invoice terms.

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