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When UWorld first launched its NCLEX-prep resource in 2015, nursing students discovered it quickly. Positive student reviews, strong word of mouth, personal success stories, and buzz on campus all led to the organic success that promptly positioned UWorld as the industry leader for NCLEX test preparation.

Though first discovered by students, nursing programs around the country are quickly adopting UWorld as their preferred supplement in preparing cohorts for NCLEX success. 

Here’s what they say…

Programs and institutions are finding success with UWorld because the UWorld QBank is written at the application level or higher to ensure students develop the critical judgment skills they need for success.

We believe that helping students understand the “why” prepares them to critically analyze the subject matter and shapes their ability to make nursing judgments. This is why UWorld is an ideal supplement for any nursing curriculum.

The UWorld Nursing QBank combines the best of nursing knowledge with the real world of clinical practice to ensure that students are not only ready for success on the NCLEX but also a successful transition to practice.

If your program would like more information, click here to see how we partner with academic programs to offer bulk pricing on our suite of nursing exam prep solutions. We’ll work with you to customize a package to fit your students’ needs and your institution’s goals. 

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