Practice with NCLEX-Style Sample Questions

Practicing with high-quality Next Generation and NCLEX-style sample questions is the most effective way to prepare for the exam, because if practice feels like the actual exam, then the real thing will feel like practice.

Check out our free NCLEX sample questions below!

The Best NCLEX-Style Practice Questions

We are committed to providing you with only the best questions and explanations. Our NGN practice questions include the same hallmark features that have helped over a million nurses succeed – clinically-relevant content, vivid imagery and illustrations, and in-depth explanations for correct and incorrect answers.

Benefit from
Exam-Like Practice

Our learn-by-doing philosophy is paired with industry-leading illustrations to help you retain more information in less time.

Learn From
Detailed Rationales

Our team of experts writes detailed rationales for each answer choice so you can learn why you got an answer right or wrong.

Customize Tests
to Your Needs

Set up custom tests to hone in on your weaknesses and turn them into strengths with our "Create Test" feature.

Free NCLEX-Style Sample Practice Questions

The best way to become more familiar with NCLEX-style questions is by practicing them. You’ve been through nursing school, so you have the knowledge. Now you just need to apply it. Choose your exam below to answer a few exam style questions …

Get NCLEX-Ready with Unlimited Practice Tests

Generate unlimited practice tests with our NGN and NCLEX-style questions. Get immediate feedback, then turn your weaknesses into strength with targeted practice.

NGN Question Types & Scoring

The Next Generation NCLEX was launched on April 1, 2023 and the updated exam now contains new item types designed to better measure candidates’ clinical judgment. NCSBN also introduced a new partial credit NGN scoring model. Depending on the item type used, the 0/1 scoring rule, +/- scoring rule, or rationales scoring rule may be applied.

Practice NCLEX-Style Questions Anytime, Anywhere

Practice NCLEX-Style Questions Anytime, Anywhere

Carry the keys to NCLEX success in your pocket with the UWorld Nursing mobile app. Your results are automatically saved and synced across devices, allowing you to easily track your progress. Download the app today!

NGN Sample Questions

The future of nursing education is here. We’ve included examples below of the new NGN question types to prepare you for what’s to come.

Here’s What UWorld Nursing Students are Saying…

Frequently Asked Questions

With the introduction of Next Gen questions, the minimum length of the exam will be 85 questions (70 scored and 15 unscored) and the maximum 150 questions (135 scored and 15 unscored).
The NGN is an enhanced version of the current exam designed to better measure your clinical judgment. The updated exam includes the addition of new question types, changes to the length of the exam, and a new scoring methodology.
The Next Generation NCLEX is designed to better assess an examinee’s critical thinking and decision making skills. Because these skills are more difficult to assess, the new item types will likely be harder for most students.
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