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We know you’re busy. That’s why we provide students with the best NCLEX Review resources. We want to help you study smarter, not harder. With the UWorld NCLEX-PN Review course, you can create unlimited practice tests using traditional and Next Gen practice questions, review challenging concepts with our high-yield videos, switch to adaptive practice tests to build your test-taking endurance, and take up to six readiness tests so you feel confident. Personalized performance reports track your progress and digital study tools help you master the content so you will pass the first time.

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97% Pass Rate*
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Best NCLEX Review

*98% of learners who earned an average QBank Score of 52% AND a “High” or “Very High” result on a Self-Assessment Test passed the NCLEX-PN in 2022

Challenging NCLEX-PN Practice Questions

Written by expert nurse educators and clinical nurses, with over 1,450+ questions including 250+ NGN questions, our NCLEX-PN practice questions are designed to help you build clinical judgment and challenge you to apply what you know. Every question includes a detailed rationale for the correct and incorrect answer options to help you understand the “why” behind each question.

NCLEX-PN Resources to Help You Study Smarter

High-Yield NCLEX Videos

Elevate your NCLEX prep with our short and engaging lecture videos, tailored for quick and effective learning. Our video series zeroes in on the most crucial and often-tested topics, setting you up to ace the exam on your first attempt. Ideal for practical nursing students like you!

Adaptive NCLEX Practice Tests

Our Adaptive (CAT) NCLEX practice tests will help you build the endurance and stamina you need to pass the first time. The best part? You’ll receive a preparedness score so you’ll know if your performance is “on track” or “needs improvement.”

Self-Assessment Tests

Our 6 Self-Assessment tests are designed specifically for Practical Nursing students! Every test includes never-before-seen NGN and traditional questions and uses partial credit scoring to more accurately mimic the real exam. The result? A more accurate prediction of your NCLEX readiness.

Dynamic Study Planner

Get a personalized NCLEX-PN study plan in minutes! Share a little information about your study preferences and timeframe, and we'll generate a unique study plan with dedicated quizzes and videos to make sure you tackle all key content before test day.

Digital Learning Tools

Take notes and create flashcards within the practice exam interface, use the search option to locate content fast, and use color-coding and personalizations to stay organized. Spaced repetition technology ensures you’ll remember more of what you study!

Performance Tracking

Our reporting tools help you identify your strengths and areas for improvement, with info on both traditional NCLEX-PN practice questions and NGN question types. Compare your progress with other PN students to stay motivated and on track towards exam success!

NCLEX-Prep App

UWorld Nursing’s mobile app was made for busy practical nursing students! Study NGN and NCLEX-PN practice questions, flashcards, and notes on the go, and sync your progress across all your devices so you’re always up-to-date.
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*Each self-assessment has a duration of two weeks from its date of activation.
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For Educators

We partner with academic programs to offer bulk pricing on our suite for nursing exam prep solutions. We’ll work with you to customize a package to fit your student's needs and your institution’s goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we now offer a free trial for NCLEX-PN that includes 50 NCLEX-style practice questions, high-yield videos, and study tools. Upgrade to one of our paid subscriptions to access our adaptive (CAT) practice tests and self-assessments.
We employ a team of practicing nurses and nursing educators to develop and routinely update UWorld’s NCLEX-PN Review course content. They understand exactly what you need because they’ve been where you are.
We design our practice questions to accurately simulate what you’ll see on the actual exam because we believe that if practice feels like the exam, then the actual exam will feel like practice. 90% of our students report that UWorld’s questions are as challenging as the questions on the NCLEX-PN.
At first glance, NCLEX-PN questions may seem vague or difficult to answer, but this perception often comes from a misunderstanding of the exam. An NCLEX question may seem vague and not appear to offer a lot of context, but a deeper analysis usually reveals what’s really being asked. Read this article to understand how to decipher NCLEX-style questions and improve your likelihood of passing.
UWorld’s NCLEX-PN Review Course enables you to learn your way. Personalize your study plan using our challenging NCLEX-style practice questions, high-yield videos, adaptive (CAT) practice tests, self-assessment tests, and targeted study tools.
In October 2023, 97% of NCLEX-PN candidates who earned an average QBank score of 64% or higher and a “high” or “very high” on our self-assessment test went on to pass the NCLEX-PN.
UWorld’s NCLEX-PN self-assessment scoring system was designed by experts in psychometrics and education using statistically validated scoring to accurately predict your chance of passing. Our NCLEX-PN self-assessment tests provide results you can trust.
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Self Assessments

The NCLEX QBank includes two self-assessment exams, depending on the length of the subscription you purchase.

  •   Each Self Assessment exam is a 100-question timed test
  •   After completing an exam, you may review comprehensive rationales for each question and see a detailed analysis of your performance.
  •   The subscription duration of each Self-Assessment exam is independent of the QBank and can be activated separately.
  •   Each exam can be taken only once; however, results are available for review until subscription expires.

Renewal Instructions

  •   Please purchase a renewal using the "Renew" option from the My Account page
  •   To qualify for renewal pricing, course must be renewed before it expires
  •   All renewals are effective from the current expiration date and cannot be deferred
  •   Test information cannot be reset (deleted) with renewal unless eligibility criteria is met (see Help page)

Frequently Asked Questions

New Purchase: All new subscriptions go into effect from the time they are activated and not at the time of setup/purchase. A subscription can be activated immediately or any time thereafter. If your initial purchase consists of multiple courses (Qbank, Self-Assessment exam, CCS, etc.), each can be activated individually and independently via your account on our website. This process of activating a subscription after purchase allows you the flexibility to start a subscription when you are truly ready to use it.

We recommend that all subscriptions be activated within 180 days of setup/purchase. Once a subscription is activated, it cannot be paused or suspended for any reason and will run continuously for the duration of the course material.

Renewal: A renewal is an extension of time to continue access to a current activated subscription. Because a renewal is an extension to an already active subscription, it is effective from the existing expiration date, not from the day of purchase and cannot be deferred to start at a later date/time.

Note: All of our subscriptions are based on the Eastern Time Zone (GMT/UTC -5 hours or New York Time), which may be different than your local time zone.

Any of our product offerings can be purchased from our website with payment due in full at time of purchase via a credit or debit card with American Express/Discover/MasterCard or Visa logo.

You will need to register for an account in order to purchase any of our products. Once you have registered for an account or if you already have an account:

  • Log in to your UWorld account
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  • Verify your profile information, address, and educational status, then click the Update button
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  • Verify that the correct product is in your cart and click Place Order
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If you complete your purchase but do not receive a receipt, please contact the Customer Care Team at [email protected]

You can subscribe to any of our online courses/services using a credit or debit card with a Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express logo. After a successful payment, your subscription will immediately be available for activation via your account on our website or available complementary mobile applications.

You can also subscribe via personal check, money order, or demand drafts taken in U.S. dollars. These types of payments should be mailed to us and should include the name of the subscription and the duration, along with the details asked for in the registration form. We will set up your account as soon as we receive your payment and notify you via email of your access credentials. All direct-mail payments must be in U.S. dollars and made payable to:

UWorld, LLC
9111 Cypress Waters Blvd
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Dallas, TX 75019

We do not accept cash via mail, currencies other than U.S. dollars or payments via fax.

Individuals purchasing our CPA Review product may finance their purchase using Affirm during checkout process. Your eligibility depends on your credit score and other criteria, as per Affirm’s policies (outlined here). A soft credit check, a credit check that does not affect your credit score, will be performed by Affirm to determine your loan eligibility. You will need a US based bank account to qualify.

All refunds are evaluated on a case-by-case basis for products purchased directly from UWorld. One case has no bearing on another. Refund amounts determined by UWorld are final.

In-App Purchases: We are unable to process any refunds for purchases made via mobile application (in-app). Please contact Apple for all refund/credit requests for Apple in-app purchases.

USMLE Step 2 CS, Step 3 CCS, Subject Reviews & Self-Assessment Exams: These subscriptions are non-refundable, non-transferable, and cannot be converted into another subscription.

CPA Review: Students may request to cancel their CPA review product only within 10-days of activation of any of the materials. To qualify for a refund, no more than 10% of the course (lectures, Qbank, or a combination there-of) may have been used per exam section. All CPA Review refunds are subject to a cancellation fee of $75 (for single section purchases) or $250 (for package
purchases), plus any applicable shipping charges. No return of merchandise is necessary.

All other Qbanks: Refunds are considered for subscriptions of more than 30 days. Refund amounts are based on the number of days elapsed since the subscription start date or the number of questions used, whichever amounts to a higher deductible.

Example scenarion: An individual purchases a 180-day Qbank subscription and generates a few test blocks equal to 20% of the questions in the Qbank. After 45 days, he/she requests a refund. Because the elapsed duration is greater than the percentage of questions used, the refund amount will be based on a subscription converted to the closest duration (60 days) by deducting the applicable 60-day subscription fee from the refund. In the same scenario, if the individual had used 85% of the questions, the refund would be 15% of the subscription fee paid.

Note 1: A processing fee of 10% (minimum of $10 and maximum of $25) will be applied to all refund amounts.

Note 2: All refunds, pro-rated or otherwise, must be requested within 360 days of original purchase. Refunds for purchases made more than 360 days ago will be issued as non-refundable, non-transferable store credit.

Note 3: Subscribers must notify UWorld of their intent to obtain a refund before activating their subscription (or) during the active duration. If the reset option is used or all of the questions are used, no refund will be allowed (see “I want to reset/delete my Qbank test history (or) start all over again, is this possible?” below for further details). No refunds will be offered for expired subscriptions.

Note 4: For combination package purchases, individual subscription fees will be applied when calculating the refund. If any self-assessment Exam(s) is utilized from a package, the entire purchase is rendered non-refundable.

Note 5: Although access to Qbanks via certain mobile devices is provided as an additional feature, it is not intended to be a replacement for computer access, and no refunds or cancellations will be honored due to user inability to install and/or use the provided software on any mobile device (regardless of whether the device meets the minimum system requirements).

Please use the following steps to purchase a renewal for your subscription:

  • Log in to your account on our website
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Upon a successful transaction, you will be sent a confirmation email receipt.

A renewal is an extension of time to continue accessing an active subscription, and it will not start the subscription over, provide a reset, or grant access to additional questions that were not previously accessible. Because a renewal is an extension to an already active subscription, it is effective from the existing expiration date, not from the date of purchase, and cannot be deferred in any way to start at a later date/time.

Please note that to qualify for renewal pricing, you will need to renew the course before it expires. Renewals are not offered to expired subscriptions. If you fail to secure a renewal before the expiration date, you will need to purchase a new subscription at the regular price directly from our website to regain access to the material.

Note: All times and dates displayed for subscription expiration correspond with the Eastern Time Zone (GMT/UTC -5 hours or New York Time), which may be different than your local time zone.

Note: If your initial purchase was a combination package, you will need to renew each active subscription individually. You do not need to renew a course that has not been activated.

You may request to upgrade or downgrade your subscription purchase as long as it has not been activated. If you purchase a combination package, all included subscriptions must be unused. Please be advised that current subscription pricing will apply.

If your subscription has been activated, unfortunately, we cannot upgrade it retroactively. If seeking to downgrade, please refer to our refund policy for available options.

We do not offer custom duration(s) or combination packages other than those outlined on the website. Please refer to our purchase page for currently available subscriptions (including discounted combination packages for some products).

Self-Assessment exam subscriptions are for 14 days each. Subscribers whose active subscription(s) have not expired can purchase renewals from 7 days or more at any time before their active subscription expires. Please refer to the respective course description page for renewal options.

We offer a demo on each of our product pages that contains a sample of the product interface and a few sample questions. We do not offer guest/trial accounts to test our software and view materials.

It is possible to purchase a subscription as a gift for someone else. However, the intended recipient will need to register an account on our website (or have an account registered for them, with their profile information entered accurately). If the user is present at the time of purchase, the purchase can be made from their account on our website using any credit or debit card with a Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover logo.

If the user is not present, or you wish for the gift to be a surprise, please contact Support directly using the contact form to arrange payment for the gift subscription. You will need to provide the user’s registered email address so the account can be located.

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Self-Assessment Questions: 600