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Strengthen your understanding of NCLEX and FNP subject topics and concepts with UWorld Nursing’s customizable flashcards. Featuring spaced-repetition technology and mobile accessibility, you can study more efficiently and effectively than ever before.

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Create unlimited customizable flashcards with content created by our in-house team of nurse practitioners and nursing professionals.

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Easily transfer visual and written content from our QBank to your custom flashcards.

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Spaced Repetition

Our algorithm shows you the flashcards that matter most, so you retain more, in less time.

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Organize your flashcard decks with custom tags, and locate them with intuitive filters.

Current, Accurate, and Clinically-Relevant

Our dedicated team of practicing nurses and nurse educators develops and routinely updates all UWorld Nursing QBank content. Easily transfer this source content into your custom flashcards.

Current, Accurate, and Clinically-Relevant

Harness the Advantages of Spaced Repetition

Harness the Advantages of Spaced Repetition

Don't waste time studying what you already know. Spaced repetition allows you to mark each flashcard by its relative difficulty so the algorithm can adjust how often you see topics based on your proficiency.

High-Impact Visuals

Research shows that information is better absorbed when it's visual. That's why our medical illustrations, charts, graphs, and tables simplify difficult concepts so you can learn faster, and retain longer.

High-Impact Visuals

Stay Exam-Ready,
Even On The Go

Stay Exam-Ready, Even On The Go

Access the UWorld Nursing and prepare for the NCLEX or FNP certification test from anywhere with the UWorld Nursing Mobile App. Download today from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

The Gold Standard for Nursing Test Prep

Trusted by over a million nursing students, our NCLEX & FNP QBanks include everything you need to pass the first time—exam-like questions, in-depth answer explanations, award winning medical images, and more.

How to Get the Most Out of Digital Flashcards

UWorld Nursing's NCLEX & FNP flashcards are designed with research-backed, spaced-repetition technology. Get the most out of our digital flashcards by pairing your unique notes with our high-quality content.

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Frequently Asked Questions

UWorld Nursing’s spaced-repetition flashcards empower you to study your way. Easily transfer our high-quality source content from our QBank to your NCLEX and FNP flashcards. Organize by custom tags and decks and study from anywhere.
Yes, flashcards have been scientifically proven to increase retention. Pair this with UWorld Nursing’s industry-leading charts, illustrations, and content and you’ll have a significant advantage come exam day.
You can create new NCLEX or FNP flashcards with the click of a button. Add UWorld Nursing source content and personalize it with your own notes.
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