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Cincinnati Children’s Hospital - Burnet Campus

Cincinnati Children’s Helps New RNs with UWorld

In a transformative initiative at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, Dr. Julie Moody and her team have elevated nursing education, integrating UWorld’s NCLEX® QBank to significantly enhance NCLEX® exam preparation and success rates for their intern nurses.

Marion Technical College in Oscala, FL.

Marion Technical College Closes the NCLEX® Gap

With the goal of achieving universal success on the NCLEX®, Marion TC incorporated UWorld’s detailed questions and captivating visuals into daily lessons and assignments, resulting in a more engaging and highly effective learning experience.

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Weatherford College’s Alesia Armstrong Wiggs School of Nursing

Redefining NCLEX® Prep at Weatherford College

In a groundbreaking move, Weatherford College has redefined its Vocational Nursing program by integrating UWorld’s Learning Platform for Next Generation NCLEX throughout its lectures and labs. These changes resulted in

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