Virginia Program Achieves 100% NCLEX-RN® Pass Rates With UWorld

School reaches 100% NCLEX pass rate

Located in historic Richmond, Virginia, the nursing program at South University has more than southern charm, it has a profound dedication to “work hard each and every day to better the lives of our students.”

Perhaps it is this dedication that led South University to adapt UWorld as a resource in the fall of 2018 for all nursing students preparing to take the NCLEX-RN.

Not wanting to see even one of her students fail the exam, Junyanee Griffin, associate professor, South University, Richmond campus, used UWorld’s 90-day QBank with two self-assessments for each student.

Specifically, Griffin issued QBank access to students as a NCLEX-RN preparation tool immediately upon graduation. She knew that the challenging NCLEX-style questions, the in-depth rationales, and the performance tracking tools would have her students supremely prepared on exam day.

Griffin reports utilizing the Faculty Portal to track student progress and identify students who were at risk of failing the exam. In addition, she says, “I used both assessments to determine a student’s readiness to take the NCLEX.”

The assessments identify subjects or systems where the student needs more practice and allows for remediation using the QBank. With more intentional and targeted study, students can strengthen any weak areas of knowledge long before taking the exam.

The immediate results were everything the program hoped they would be: The first three cohorts to use the UWorld QBank achieved a 100% pass rate on their NCLEX-RN exam!

Seeing every single student, in all three cohorts, pass their NCLEX-RN exam on the first attempt has provided a boost to the program and has been personally satisfying for Griffin as an educator.

With UWorld’s help, South University has reduced test anxiety for students and has them uniquely prepared for success on exam day, thus fulfilling the university’s pledge to “work hard each and every day to better the lives of our students.

“UWorld has great questions and rationales. I used it as a prep and assessment for [students’] NCLEX readiness.”

-Junyanee Griffin, associate professor, South University, Richmond campus

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