High-Quality Clinical Images and Medical Illustrations

Nurse educator using a high-quality image of Reye’s syndrome during class.
Discover the value of high-quality clinical images and medical illustrations for nursing students and clinicians preparing for high-stakes licensure exams.
Nurse educator using a high-quality image of Reye’s syndrome during class.
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High-quality visual aids such as tables, flowcharts, clinical lab images, and premium medical illustrations are a proven and effective tool for teaching nursing concepts. First rate visuals can simplify challenging processes, contextualize clinical manifestations, and help students retain key information. 

All of the visuals included in our Nursing Questions Banks (QBanks) have been developed by our in-house team of medical illustrators to deepen students’ understanding of key concepts and provide educators with an invaluable resource to aid in instruction, assignments, and assessment. 

Whether you are showcasing one of the new Next Generation NCLEX® (NGN) item types to your class, or creating assignments using a mix of traditional and NGN items, our vivid images and illustrations, combined with our detailed rationales for correct and incorrect answers will ensure that you are preparing students with the highest-quality content available. 

Let’s take a look at the types of visuals available for NCLEX-RN® and NCLEX-PN®.  

Vivid and Detailed Medical Illustrations

Image of pulmonary embolism from UWorld’s Learning Platform for Nursing.

High-quality, medical illustrations are built into the challenging questions and detailed explanations of the UWorld NCLEX QBanks. Illustrations play a critical role in the QBank because they help educators communicate challenging medical concepts, procedures, or pathophysiology in an engaging and highly memorable way.

Tables That Summarize High-Yield Information

Image of table summarizing acute compartment syndrome of the extremity from UWorld’s Learning Platform for Nursing.

Tables that summarize high-yield information are a particularly useful tool for educators preparing students for the Next Generation NCLEX. 

When used in the classroom or for assignments, educators find that carefully constructed tables can help organize and clarify complex information so students are more likely to understand and remember it later.

Flowcharts That Simplify Complicated Processes

Flowchart image of sepsis & systemic inflammatory response syndrome from UWorld’s Learning Platform for Nursing.

The flowcharts in the UWorld Nursing QBanks are included in explanations when they are able to simplify a complicated process or processes.

Nurse educators who use the UWorld Learning Platform for classroom presentations or assignments have found that the flowcharts can help their students visualize steps in a process or breakdown the essential steps to solving a problem.

Clinical Images of Real Cases

Clinical Image of child with varicella from UWorld’s Learning Platform for Nursing.

Perhaps the most important types of medical visuals included in the QBank are the clinical images of individuals with conditions that nursing students may encounter in clinical practice. 

Educators find using these high-quality images an especially useful tool for developing students’ clinical assessment skills.

The Next Gen NCLEX item types that will begin appearing on the NCLEX in April of 2023 are designed to gauge clinical judgment in a way that closely simulates the reality of clinical practice. For this reason, students who have prepared for the exam with premium clinical images are much more likely to succeed on exam day.

There are no shortcuts when preparing nurses for safe and effective entry-level practice. At UWorld, quality is our passion. We are committed to the innovation and development of evidence-based nursing education products that build strong clinical reasoning skills and promote student success so you can feel confident that you are preparing students with the highest quality resource available.

Are you an educator, working to prepare your students for NGN success? UWorld’s Next Gen NCLEX items build strong clinical judgment skills and promote student success.  Developed by experienced nurse educators and practicing nurses, our assignable questions, detailed answer explanations, vivid illustrations and images, and simple reporting features do more than just improve a program’s NCLEX-RN or NCLEX-PN pass rates — they help prepare the next generation of nurses for a safe, accurate, and fulfilling career in nursing.

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