It’s Time To Evaluate Your Nursing EdTech Investments

Nurse educator reviewing course outline.
Now is the perfect time to evaluate your nursing EdTech investments. Discover the most important factors to consider for maximum program effectiveness.
Nurse educator reviewing course outline.
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During the COVID-19 pandemic, EdTech investments became more critical than ever for nursing programs. Though implemented out of immediate necessity, the benefits of assimilating new nursing education technology into the learning process have become apparent for students and educators alike. In the wake of the pandemic, as we adjust to what instruction looks like moving forward, it is imperative that educators take the opportunity to re-evaluate their nursing EdTech investments. 

Whatever your instructional model – digital, classroom, hybrid, or any combination – this is an ideal time to examine your nursing program’s EdTech investments. Here are a few reasons why it’s crucial to re-evaluate your nursing EdTech investments before it’s too late . . . 

Avoid Resource Overload

Out of a desire to provide our students with digital learning tools to provide classroom supplements and exam preparation, it is easy to actually overload students with too many resources. 

The best nursing EdTech investments will provide the most bang for the buck–minimizing cost to the program and the student, utilizing innovation for more efficient learning, and providing a primary tool students and teachers can rely on. 

Nursing students have a limited amount of time and resources, so it is incumbent upon the administration to use nursing education technology that makes their lives easier, not more stressful. In other words, one or two premium nursing EdTech investments are often more beneficial than a higher number. Think “quality over quantity.”

There are two great ways to do that:

Find out what tools students are already using or prefer

Feedback from your former and current students is invaluable when choosing where to focus your EdTech investments. When you take the time to put your ear to the ground and discover what resources students love for improving their critical thinking skills and exam readiness, you’ll discover the very best tools to provide your current and future cohorts. 

The questions to ask yourself are simple: Do I know what my students are using for self-study? Am I informed as to how they are planning to prepare for high-stakes exams on their own?

Choose a targeted resource – something your students actually need

Avoid the mistake of wasting funds on nursing EdTech investments that provide what you are already providing. This redundancy overwhelms your students and provides an undue financial burden on all associated with the cost. The idea here is to maximize efficiency and effectiveness. 

The primary investment nursing programs are making is for NCLEX-prep. They want to equip their students for first-time success and increase their program’s pass rates. Therefore, your best nursing EdTech investments will be in a premium tool like UWorld’s Learning Platform, which complements your full curriculum solution while also filling your NCLEX-prep piece of the puzzle.  

The New AACN Essentials: Know the Major Curriculum Changes

The American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN) has implemented significant changes in its framework and model for how to train registered nurses, advanced practice nurses, and nurse specialists. 

Because competency requirements have changed, it is imperative that educators re-evaluate their nursing EdTech investments to ensure their learning tools align with the most current AACN standards. 

The updated AACN Essentials means that there are new standards of competency for graduates of baccalaureate nursing programs. This shift ultimately affects the accreditation of these programs; therefore, examine your current nursing education technology carefully in order to make sure your resources provide the necessary information to keep your program aligned with AACN changes.

Next Generation NCLEX®: The NCLEX Is Changing – Are You Prepared?

In Next Generation NCLEX news, the long awaited changes to the exam will most likely be seen in 2023, as expected. Will the resources you’re offering your students be sufficient to prepare them for the upgraded exam?

In addition to the current question types found on the exam, the Next Generation NCLEX will introduce new unfolding case studies and stand-alone question types to better assess students’ clinical judgment. In order to prepare your students, your nursing technology should include high-quality NGN® practice questions.

If you are anxious to start introducing Next Gen to students, know that you don’t have to completely overhaul your curriculum or make major EdTech investments. The Next Generation NCLEX will be a mix of current NCLEX exam items and the new NGN items. However, you do need to re-evaluate all of your learning tools to make sure your students are prepared for the updated exam and your pass rates don’t drop in 2023.

The Time Is Now To Evaluate Nursing EdTech Investments

Don’t put off re-evaluating your nursing education technology. The resource bloat, the new AACN Essentials, and Next Generation NCLEX make this a crucial time for nursing educators and programs alike. Be sure that the tools you are providing will have the best results as you continue to educate the next generation of nurses. 

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