Learning Platform for Nursing Success Story

University of Michigan Success Story
Educators and students at the University of Michigan-Flint experience NCLEX® success with the UWorld’s Learning Platform for Nursing.
University of Michigan Success Story
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It’s rare to find an educational tool that students and educators describe as transformational, but that’s exactly what happened when the University of Michigan-Flint School of Nursing adopted UWorld’s Learning Platform for Nursing. Students gained confidence, instructors felt supported, NCLEX® pass rates increased, and all involved credited the Nursing QBank as instrumental to their success.

“Since adopting the UWorld Learning Platform, we’ve seen improvement in our NCLEX pass rates–above the state and national averages. I receive many emails from graduates telling me they passed because of UWorld.” -Kristi Wilson, Associate Professor of Nursing, University of Michigan-Flint

Associate Professor Kristi Wilson assigned UWorld’s 180-day subscription to each cohort, with the requirement that each student complete 1,000 questions as a part of their final grade. Rather than exclusively assigning questions as homework, Wilson also used the Learning Platform to incorporate the questions and explanations into her classroom instruction. 

“I had the students take mini-quizzes in class and they constituted a grade,” Wilson says. “I also had them do 25 questions a day after midterms, and met with them twice a semester to fully understand their thinking and test taking skills.”

“UWorld was very very helpful! I did just 20-25 questions a day and then 75 questions each for 2 days before the exam. Reading ALL the rationales is essential!” University of Michigan Nursing Student

While Professor Wilson enjoyed the ability to monitor student progress and follow up with students in order to remediate when necessary through the easy-to-use Learning Platform, students raved about the detailed rationales. With positive feedback pouring in and exam pass rates climbing, the University of Michigan-Flint School of Nursing made UWorld their primary NCLEX prep resource for soon to graduate senior students shortly after adoption. 

“UWorld is a way to improve student satisfaction (along with faculty evaluation) and faculty satisfaction,” Wilson explains. “It’s also a way to improve the infrastructure of your course. A powerful tool.”

Informed administrators, empowered instructors, confident learners – a powerful tool indeed.

UWorld’s Learning Platform for Nursing was developed by nursing educators and practicing nurses in a way designed to build critical reasoning and critical thinking skills. The assignable questions, detailed answer explanations, vivid illustrations and images, and performance tracking do more than just improve a program’s NCLEX-RN or NCLEX-PN pass rates — they build student confidence, increase learning opportunities, and help prepare the next generation of nurses for a safe, accurate, and fulfilling career in nursing. And now, you have the ability to create presentations or assignments using NGN and traditional items, or a mix of both and measure students’ clinical judgment along the way.

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