What Is a Good UWorld NCLEX Score?

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Answering your number one question: "What is a good UWorld NCLEX score?" And how does that correlate with passing the NCLEX exam?
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If you’ve found yourself asking, “What is a good UWorld NCLEX QBank score?” you’re not alone. This is one of the most common questions we receive in our NCLEX UWorld Facebook group and forums.

A better question is…how do I know I’m ready to take the NCLEX?

With the introduction of the Next Generation NCLEX, we’ve updated our testing algorithms to account for partial-credit scoring and paint a more accurate picture of your performance and help you determine your readiness. This requires a nuanced grading methodology that we’ll explain below according to our three test modes: Our QBank, adaptive (CAT) tests, and full self-assessments.

UWorld Next Gen NCLEX QBank Scores

In April 2023, we updated our NCLEX practice tests with partial-credit scoring to align with the Next Generation NCLEX scoring models. Now, to ensure you’re on track for NGN success:

Your overall QBank score will give you a general idea of your performance. You can then identify and remediate weaknesses as needed.

Overall UWorld NCLEX QBank score
UWorld NCLEX QBank percentile rank

Your percentile rank (p-rank) will allow you to compare your QBank progress against the performance of others. This provides a relative assessment of where you stand in relation to other nursing students studying for the NGN.

Use your overall QBank performance and percentile rank as your benchmarks for a good UWorld NCLEX QBank score.

Average UWorld NCLEX QBank Scores

As a result of partial-credit NGN questions, students are scoring higher in their question banks, but don’t know how this correlates to exam preparedness. Below are our latest median QBank scores compared to the median scores before NGN updates:

RN QBank PN QBank
2022 57% 52%
After April 2023 68% to 69% 62% to 63%

*Median QBank score ranges will be recalibrated throughout the year. Traditionally, an average UWorld NCLEX QBank score correlated to a 90+% pass rate.

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UWorld Adaptive Mode (CAT)

The NCLEX is a computerized adaptive test (CAT) designed to challenge you and assess your maximum ability level. To better simulate the NCLEX, we’ve created an “Adaptive (CAT)” testing option in the “Create Test” tab. It operates similarly to the real NCLEX and provides insight into your preparation.

On the NCLEX, the computer calculates your ability level based on your cumulative performance and the difficulty level of the questions you have answered. The computer then selects questions it estimates you have a 50% probability of answering correctly.

Computerized adaptive testing (CAT) NCLEX question selection

To pass the exam, your calculated ability level must meet the NCLEX passing standard. Most of the questions you experience will require you to think critically and apply, analyze, or evaluate clinical situations. The goal is to ensure you can apply clinical judgment in nursing to meet real patients’ needs. 

This means you have a 50/50 chance of answering each NCLEX question correctly.

UWorld Adaptive (CAT) NCLEX Practice Test Scores

In addition to seeing your overall performance and a breakdown of your score by content area, our adaptive NCLEX practice tests offer more robust analytics that outline your level of preparedness and how our algorithm modified the exam to your skill level.

UWorld Adaptive (CAT) NCLEX level of preparedness

Our adaptive practice tests determine your level of preparedness so you’ll know if your performance is “on track” or “needs improvement.”

UWorld NCLEX Self-Assessment Scores

Throughout your studies, we encourage you to take our NCLEX self-assessment tests. They feature unique questions and best gauge your exam readiness.

Each practice test contains 100 unique practice questions that are not available in our NCLEX QBank. Upon completing an assessment, you will be able to review your performance by subject, system, and topic.

Unique UWorld NCLEX self-assessment questions
UWorld NCLEX self-assessment statistically validated scoring

Our NCLEX self-assessment scoring system was designed by experts in psychometrics and education using statistically validated scoring to accurately predict your chance of passing.

While median scores vary across each of our six self-assessment exam forms, below is a general range you can use to determine how well you performed compared to your peers:

RN Assessments PN Assessments
Approximate Median Score 72% to 73% 64% to 65%

For the best results, we encourage you to take multiple assessments. This will build your test-taking endurance, show your improvement over time, get you acclimated to the NCLEX testing environment, and make the real exam feel like practice.

Tying Your UWorld NCLEX Review Scores Together

Students have three primary scores to take into account when determining their NCLEX readiness through UWorld, their NGN QBank score, adaptive (CAT) scores, and self-assessment scores. Here’s an example of what a RN student performing around the 50th percentile among UWorld users might see:

NCLEX-RN QBank Score NCLEX-RN CAT Results RN Assessment
70% 1.05 Difficulty – On Track 74%

Similarly, a PN student performing around the 50th percentile among UWorld users might see:

NCLEX-PN QBank Score NCLEX-PN CAT Results PN Assessment
65% 1.03 Difficulty – On Track 67%

Based on historical data, a student achieving these scores (close to the median) would have an over 90% likelihood of passing the NCLEX.

Making the Most of Your UWorld NCLEX Tests

  1. Take a self-assessment test at the beginning of your study plan to identify your strengths and weaknesses and create a benchmark for improvement. Plan to take multiple self-assessments throughout your study plan to accurately gauge your preparedness.
  2. Practice questions with your NCLEX QBank in tutor mode to review associated explanations and learn the material. Track your NCLEX QBank performance with your overall QBank score and percentile rank.
  3. Once you have a good grasp of the material, begin taking CAT practice tests to make sure your study habits are on the right track.
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Frequently Asked Questions

With the introduction of partial-credit NGN scoring, median UWorld QBank scores have risen to 68% to 69% for RN and 62% to 63% for PN (though new pass-rate data is still being collected). We also offer adaptive (CAT) testing and multiple self-assessments that provide a more holistic view of your NCLEX preparedness.
Your NCLEX QBank percentile is defined by how many QBank users perform at or below your performance level. For example, if you are in the 47th percentile, you perform better than 47% of other users. Ideally, you want to perform better than 60% of users.
Our adaptive (CAT) NCLEX practice tests prioritize unused and omitted QBank questions. If all QBank questions have been answered, you will be unable to create a CAT test. This is done to better determine your readiness for the real NCLEX.
Our NCLEX self-assessments are the most accurate way to gauge your readiness for the exam. Each practice test contains 100 unique NGN and traditional questions. We use statistically validated scoring that takes into account new partial-credit scoring to predict your chance of passing.

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