The New Learning Platform and What It Means for Nurse Educators

Learning Platform for Nurse Educators
The UWorld Nursing Learning Platform gives educators access to assign over 3,000 application-level questions based on subject, time etc.
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Learning Platform for Nurse Educators
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Healthcare is an ever-evolving field. No one knows this better than practicing nurses and nurse educators. Technology is advancing, the scope of practice is widening, the population is aging, and the NCLEX® is changing. These shifts (and more) make flexibility and the capacity to adapt essential in nursing education.

UWorld Nursing is here to help. Designed based on feedback from nurse educators like you, our new Learning Platform offers assignable questions, detailed reporting, classroom presentation, and self-study features. This new administration advancement is empowering educators with cutting-edge tools to ensure student success.

With over 700,000 nursing students having used our Question Bank (or QBank) for their NCLEX preparation since we launched our product in 2015, UWorld Nursing has quickly become known by administrators as the “students’ choice for NCLEX prep.” In case you haven’t heard . . .

Who Are We?

The UWorld Nursing Team is a group of nurse educators and practicing clinicians who are dedicated to building high-quality educational products that combine the best of nursing knowledge with the real world of clinical practice.

What Is Our Vision?

UWorld Nursing is committed to the innovation and development of evidence-based nursing education products that build strong critical thinking and critical reasoning skills which promote learner success.

Consider this . . .

  • 2015: NCLEX-RN QBank launched with just over 1,000 questions
  • 2017: Introduction of two 75-question “Self-Assessment Exams” to help RN & PN users identify NCLEX readiness
  • 2018: NCLEX-RN QBank expands to over 2,100 questions and NCLEX-PN QBank expands to over 1,100 questions
  • 2019: Both Self-Assessment Exams expand to 100 questions each
  • 2019: Clinical Med Math QBank launched with over 250 questions and concepts

At UWorld, we love to improve and advance; we value the feedback from our users and we act upon it. Continually working to update our product is in our DNA.

And the new Learning Platform for nurse educators is the next step in this evolution . . .

Assignable Questions and Detailed Rationales

The UWorld Nursing Learning Platform gives educators assignable access to over 3,000 application-level questions — 2,000+ questions from the student NCLEX-RN QBank, 300+ questions from the Clinical Med Math QBank, and 1,000+ new questions unique to the Faculty QBank.

You have the opportunity to decide which questions (category or subject) you wish to assign, when you would like to assign them, and which students will receive each assignment. You can assign questions individually, to a custom group, or to your entire cohort.

The detailed rationales that accompany each question have long since been a UWorld differentiator. With vivid imagery and multiple teaching concepts per item, our rationales build students’ critical thinking skills and develop clinical judgment. We do more than just prepare students for their high-stakes licensure exams; we help you prepare them for a lifetime of clinical practice.

Accessible and Up-To-Date Reporting

Faculty can now quickly and easily manage classes, assignments, presentations, and administration tools from one simple dashboard. 

Results of your assignments will automatically populate the “Gradebook,” enabling you to spend more time teaching and less time troubleshooting. Dynamic features enable you to see a student’s average score across all assignments or drill down to specific scores on particular assignments.

These detailed reports can be filtered by student, group or cohort performance in each subject or system. Needless to say, this is a game changer for remediation.

Presentation Tools

The Learning Platform Presentation feature enables faculty to select questions from each QBank to create unique presentations to use for instruction or review. 

Now you can enhance your courses with vivid medical images, illustrations, charts, and graphs designed by our team of medical illustrations. 

This is a helpful tool for increased student engagement. Simply present questions from any subject or system for classroom discussion, group work, or low-stakes assessment.

Self-Study Bank

Another feature educators love is the ability to empower their students to continue learning on their own with access to the student NCLEX-RN QBank.

With customizable flashcards that feature spaced repetition technology and individual performance metrics that allow students to gauge their progress, the self-study QBank is a valuable resource.

The ability to practice thousands of NCLEX-style questions over and over again in exam-like conditions will have your students confident and prepared on exam day. When they sit for the NCLEX, it will feel like just another practice session.

As nurse educators, we know you are dedicated to giving your students every resource and opportunity to succeed — we are dedicated to helping you do just that. 

If you’d like to learn more about how UWorld Nursing’s Learning Platform can benefit your program and your students, simply contact us here. We can schedule a personal demonstration and answer any questions you may have. UWorld is here for you, because you are here for your students. We can’t wait to partner together in educating the next generation of nurses.

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