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Nursing Students
In the spring of 2018, Dr. Tammy Kasprovich was facing a challenge common to nursing programs all over the country—improving NCLEX pass rates.
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Nursing Students
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In the spring of 2018, Dr. Tammy Kasprovich was facing a challenge common to nursing programs all over the country—improving NCLEX pass rates.

In order to maintain Columbia College of Nursing’s excellent placement standards, Dr. Kasprovich reached out to students, colleagues, and other nursing educators for inspiration.

Ever resourceful and seemingly always one step ahead of the game, it is no surprise that Dr. Kasprovich learned about UWorld from a former student who found success with the resource and couldn’t stop raving about the NCLEX-style QBank.

Dr. Kasprovich now supplements her current NCLEX exam preparation resources with UWorld’s NCLEX-RN QBank.

Using the Faculty Portal to track student progress and identify any at-risk students, she assigns each student a select amount of UWorld questions to help them remediate on the subjects and systems they find most challenging.

Like most students, Dr. Kasprovich’s students at Columbia College of Nursing found the concise, yet detailed, rationales to be the most helpful. One student shared, “My advice would be to do ALL the UWorld questions regardless of how many you have to do for class.”

Programs and instructors across the country implement the UWorld QBank differently, but Dr. Kasprovich chose to have the UWorld assignments represent 25% of the students’ total grade. They earned full credit for completing the required amount of questions and achieving a certain percentage of correct questions in the QBank.

But the real results for that class, and every class since, are evident in the pass rates . . .

96% of students passed their NCLEX-RN exam on their first try!

When asked about her experience with UWorld since her discovery in the spring of 2018, the response was direct and to the point:

“UWorld is the best NCLEX-RN preparation program available. As a faculty member, I use UWorld to guide my students to study content areas that require extra focus. UWorld’s NCLEX prep product is amazing, and I highly recommend that other nursing schools adopt it.” -Dr. Tammy Kasprovich

If you are a student or institution looking for NCLEX-RN success, click here to discover why over 600,000 nurses have trusted us for their licensing exam preparation since our launch in 2015. Colleges and universities are trusting us to meet their needs as we move towards a next-generation standard in nursing education . . . you should too.

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