Nursing Program Sees 100% NCLEX® Pass Rates With UWorld

Nursing Program Sees 100% NCLEX® Pass Rates With UWorld

The hopes of every instructor in a nursing program are to see all their students succeed. The very best teachers and administrators aren’t satisfied until they know that every single student has comprehended the material and is well-positioned for clinical success.

Lynn Weber, Program Director for the Practical Nursing Program at Marion Technical College, is no exception. Though her average class passing rates were at an admirable 94-96%, she was desperate to “close the gap” and help those students who were struggling.

There were still those few students who were falling behind in their NCLEX-PN® test preparation, and Ms. Weber was determined to find additional resources to prepare them for test day.

It was the astonishing success of one student in particular that gave her “new hope.” Due to his poor performance on a predictor exam, Ms. Weber was pessimistic about his chances on the upcoming NCLEX exam. However, the day after his exam, she was surprised to see this student bounding down the hall, full of joy.

“I passed!” was the excited declaration he shouted before he gave her a huge hug. She tried to mask her amazement as she asked what made the difference. His reply was something she’ll never forget: “UWorld, baby, UWorld.”

Like many other students around the country, this young man had discovered the NCLEX-style QBank that UWorld has to offer. His dedication to work through the QBank in his spare time on an active-learning platform had given him the knowledge and confidence he needed to succeed on test day.

Since that experience, Ms. Weber has incorporated UWorld into her daily teaching curriculum and weekly homework assignments. When asked about the implementation of the 180-day UWorld PN QBank, Ms. Weber stated, “We assign UWorld questions for homework, but we also pull the questions in class and show the students the illustrations and work through the problems together.”

And the results have been astounding . . .

In the spring of 2020, using UWorld as a curriculum supplement, 100% of her students passed the NCLEX-PN and are well on their way to fulfilling their dreams of practicing nursing.

If you are a RN or PN program looking for increased NCLEX pass rates, click here to see why over 600,000 nurses have trusted us for their licensing exam preparation since our launch in 2015. Colleges and universities all over the country are using us to meet their needs as we move towards a next-generation standard in nursing education . . . you should too.

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