3 Ways Nursing Students Can Create Connections in an Online Environment

3 Ways Nursing Students Can Create Connections in an Online Environment

A new world of social distancing has led to challenges for many throughout society, and nursing students are no exception. Distance learning and online assignments make the scholastic environment different, but it’s the relational component that many students miss the most.

Gone are the days (at least for now) of packed classrooms, group interaction, and hugs of encouragement from fellow classmates. Now, we are more isolated, attending class from home and studying by ourselves.

However, distance education doesn’t have to be as distant as you might think. There are still ways to connect with peers, and it is still possible to build friendships that will be a source of strength for you well past nursing school.

Here are a few things to do in order to avoid isolation in an online learning environment:

Dig a Little Deeper

It may seem like the whole world has shut down, but the truth is schools and programs are still creating opportunities for student interaction. It might look different than in years past, but there are ongoing efforts to bring students together in a safe and responsible way.

Research your school (or the school to which you are applying) to see what kind of activities, groups, or jobs are available. Even limited social interaction is better than no interaction at all.

Create an Online Study Group

One advantage students in 2020 have over previous generations of students is the access to, and understanding of, digital technology.

If you are the kind of student who thrives on engagement with other students, why not use technology to connect with your peers? For example:

  • Create an online study group with classmates
  • Start a blog about your experiences as a remote learner during COVID-19 and invite other students to follow and comment
  • Set up a weekly video chat to discuss assignments and build relationships

With a little ingenuity and initiative, you and your fellow nursing students can stay connected and help each other through the nursing school journey.

Utilize Social Media

Social media seems to evolve with each new day. Its reach and capabilities go far beyond sharing memes or posting pictures. Nursing students are finding entire communities of like-minded students to join and engage with each other.

In a digital community, you can learn from other people’s experiences, share your own story, ask questions, laugh together, gain new perspectives, and develop friendships with people around the country and the world.

These are just a few of the ways you can stay connected in an online learning environment. The key is to not let any obstacle, even a pandemic, keep you from following your dream and building relationships in the process.

“Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goals.”
-Henry Ford

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