UWorld and the NCLEX-PN® in a Pandemic

A graduate of the Practical Nursing Program at Marion Technical College survives nursing school and preparing for the NCLEX in the midst of a pandemic.

Surviving nursing school and preparing for the NCLEX® are both tall tasks in their own right, but, in the midst of a pandemic, their difficulty grows exponentially. This is why we love stories like this one from Megan Nardino, a recent graduate of the Practical Nursing Program at Marion Technical College.

Megan says . . .

Completing nursing school during a pandemic is not an ideal situation. After missing out on almost three months of in-person instruction, my classmates and I were feeling really nervous about taking our NCLEX.

That’s when UWorld came to the rescue for all of us!

I’m a brand new nurse, and I was able to land a job exactly one month after graduating thanks to being able to pass my NCLEX on the first try. The confidence that UWorld gave me when I went in to take my NCLEX-PN is beyond anything I ever imagined!

I personally felt so much more comfortable after having done 2-3 hours of practice questions in UWorld every week leading up to taking my NCLEX-PN. The interface gives the same look and vibes as the actual test, so you feel like you know how to navigate the test and this helps to calm your nerves.

I took my NCLEX-PN the day after getting my authorization to test because I felt confident after having done seven months of UWorld practice questions.

I passed in 60 questions and it took me less than an hour!

The best part about UWorld is that it gives you such a wide range of topics and covers things your instructors may have never mentioned. The questions are challenging, but the rationales are incredibly thorough, which makes it easy to learn. They give you all the information you need to fully understand the correct answer.

I highly recommend taking the self-assessments before your final test day because they are a wonderful way to prepare for the big day! Any questions I didn’t know, I would mark, and then I went back to make flashcards, which was super helpful.

I would say that anyone who wants to feel confident walking into the NCLEX needs to incorporate UWorld into their study routine.”

If you’re a nursing student in search of test-prep materials or a nursing program looking to supplement your curriculum, click here to find out why UWorld is the industry leader and the student’s choice for NCLEX prep.

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