Learning Platform for Nursing: Now Available for NCLEX-PN®

Practical nursing students reviewing results from Learning Platform with a nurse educator.
UWorld Nursing is excited to announce that practical nursing programs can now take advantage of assignable questions and detailed reporting from our NCLEX-PN® QBank.
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Practical nursing students reviewing results from Learning Platform with a nurse educator.
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UWorld Nursing is pleased to announce that the Learning Platform for Nursing is now available for NCLEX-PN. Licensed Practical Nursing (LPN) and Licensed Vocational Nursing (LVN) programs can now take advantage of our assignable NCLEX-PN practice questions, customizable presentation features, gradebook and detailed reports, and self-study option to prepare your students for success on the exam and at the bedside. 

With the Learning Platform for Nursing, LPN/LVN Programs can:

Assign NCLEX-style Practice Questions 

You know that practice questions are more important than ever for NCLEX success. Now, you can assign specific (NCLEX-style) and purposeful (involving feedback and ongoing evaluation) practice questions as homework or remediation. Flexible settings make it easy to assign practice questions to the cohort, a group, or individual students and monitor their progress along the way. 

Create Classroom Presentations

The Learning Platform for Nursing also allows you to create presentations for classroom or online instruction using NCLEX-PN practice questions. Working through questions in class exposes students to the test interface while developing their analytical thinking. You can use the presentation feature to break down challenging questions, eliminate incorrect answer choices, and improve students’ decision-making skills. 

Showing questions in class can also improve students’ ability to retain important information. Our innovative questions and detailed rationales include vivid images and illustrations to help students’ engage with the material and deepen their understanding of the topic. 

Eliminate the Guesswork Regarding Performance and Exam Readiness

An easy-to-access gradebook and reporting dashboard allows you and your administration to monitor cohort performance and individual student progress at a glance. You’ll be able to easily identify any learning gaps or areas for improvement and assign remediation to individual students, a group, or the entire cohort. Detailed reports provide deeper insight into individual assignments and student performance, saving you time and focusing your efforts where they are needed most. 

Empower Students to Continue Learning with the Self-Study QBank

Through the Learning Platform for Nursing, students also have access to their own self-study NCLEX-PN QBank.  The self-study QBank includes all the hallmark features – NCLEX-style practice questions with detailed rationales for correct and incorrect answers, individual performance metrics, and innovative study tools.  Students can leverage the benefits of spaced repetition to personalize their remediation plan based on their individual strengths and weaknesses, and you will have access to their progress in both the faculty-led and self-study QBanks to ensure they are staying on track. 

UWorld’s Learning Platform for Nursing was developed by nursing educators and practicing nurses to build strong clinical reasoning skills and promote student success. Assignable NCLEX-style items, detailed answer explanations, vivid illustrations and images, and performance tracking do more than just improve a program’s NCLEX-RN® or NCLEX-PN® pass rates — they build student confidence, increase learning opportunities, and help prepare the next generation of nurses for a safe, accurate, and fulfilling career in nursing.

If you have any questions or want to schedule a personal demo of the Learning Platform for Nursing for your LPN/LVN program, please contact [email protected].

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