Introducing the UWorld Family Nurse Practitioner Question Bank

Nursing students
UWorld is pleased to announce the launch of our new FNP Question Bank. Discover how this addition to our suite of learning tools can benefit your nursing program today.
Nursing students
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A big announcement from UWorld Nursing . . .

In addition to our online learning tools for the NCLEX-RN®, NCLEX-PN®, and Clinical Med Math exams, we are excited to announce the launch of UWorld’s Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP) QBank.

Aligned to the FNP Examination Blueprint, our new Family Nurse Practitioner QBank offers educators a repository of high-quality test items, enabling you to customize assignments, assessments, and remediation in ways that best fits your programs’ content and focus.

Clinically-Relevant Content

1. Clinically-Relevant Content

Developed by experienced Family Nurse Practitioners and practicing clinicians, our 1,000+ innovative questions and detailed rationales show your students the clinical reasoning behind correct and incorrect answers.

2. Vivid Images and Illustrations

Accentuate your curriculum and further engage visual learners with vivid medical illustrations, charts, and images that reinforce learning.

Created by our team of in-house medical illustrators to ensure they are current, accurate, and realistic, each image is designed to deepen students’ understanding of key concepts.

3. Flexible Assignment Settings

Build formative or summative learning assignments for a student, group of students, or entire cohort using the assignment feature of your Learning Platform. 

Aligned to the FNP Examination Blueprint—appropriate for students taking either the ANCC® or AANP® exam—multiple filters allow you to quickly and easily assign questions based on subject/system or competency.

4. Classroom Presentation Tools

Reinforce learning in the classroom using questions and images from the FNP QBank. Simply select any questions you want to use and save them in your presentation library.

5. Gradebook and Reporting

Identify and close any knowledge gaps long before either the AANP or the ANCC exam using the gradebook and reporting features. Detailed reports provide insight into an individual student’s progress as well as class performance, enabling you to provide timely remediation and support.

Whether your students are taking the ANCC or the AANP certification test, our high-quality, assignable practice questions and detailed rationales for correct and incorrect answers will support your program’s goals and help you prepare your students for their certification exams.

Are you an educator or an administrator looking for resources to supplement your FNP program? UWorld is the gold-standard in high-stakes exam prep for a reason. Our industry-leading online teaching and learning tools incorporates challenging questions, detailed explanations, and vivid illustrations to reinforce clinical thinking. It’s no surprise that over 700,000 nursing students have used UWorld for their high-stakes exam preparation since we launched our nursing product in 2015.

Visit UWorld’s Family Nurse Practitioner page and discover how we can help you, your program, and your students find ANCC and AANP success.

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