Enhanced Filters for Clinical Med Math

Enhanced Filters for Clinical Med Math
Now, with an enhanced filter for Clinical Med Math, students can practice dosage calculation questions based on difficulty level. Learn how it works.
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Enhanced Filters for Clinical Med Math
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As an educator, you know that no two students are alike. Your students digest, process, and retain information differently. No matter how large a class or a cohort, teaching is individual — personal almost.

This is why we have added a new feature to our Clinical Med Math QBank: an enhanced educator feature that enables users to filter questions by difficulty level.

You know what each student needs and what types of Med Math questions they are ready to answer. Asking an entire cohort to practice the same questions is a recipe for frustration — unchallenging for some students, overwhelming for others.

Now, with an enhanced filter for UWorld’s Clinical Med Math resource, you can guide students through dosage calculation questions based on difficulty level.

If you have students practicing early on in their education, they should start with the most basic, “entry-level” questions to practice. This will coincide with current classroom instruction and build student confidence.

If you have certain students who are exceeding expectations, you might encourage those students to select “intermediate” questions that will challenge them to demonstrate their knowledge and perform at their best.

Furthermore, when students are showing proficiency, you can challenge those students to choose questions filtered as “advanced” to accurately assess their knowledge and preparedness for upcoming med math examinations.

Not only can you help bring students along at their individual levels of learning, the ability to filter questions as “entry-level,” “intermediate,” or “advanced” gives you the opportunity to observe student performance and remediate effectively.

The benefits of filtering questions are obvious for instructors:

  • An improved ability to select questions by skill level 
  • Customizable instruction to specific student needs 
  • And the opportunity to distribute appropriate questions across the curriculum and throughout the semester

But the benefits to your students are even more profound:

  • It helps them activate background knowledge and build connections to the material 
  • It increases their skill level and confidence while avoiding frustration 
  • And it allows students to create learning momentum that’s vital for academic success

No matter where your individual students are in the learning journey for dosage calculations, our enhanced filter allows you to give each and every student the most helpful practice questions available to enhance learning.

To hear more about how we can help your program prepare each student for Clinical Med Math and NCLEX® success, visit our Institutional Success page today.

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