Canadian Student Uses UWorld to Beat the NCLEX®

Canadian Student Uses UWorld to Beat the NCLEX
Learn how Eileen Agyei, a student at the University of New Brunswick/Humber College in Canada, used UWorld's NCLEX QBank to pass the NCLEX exam.
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Canadian Student Uses UWorld to Beat the NCLEX
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Eileen Agyei, a student at the University of New Brunswick/Humber College, wrote to us recently to tell us about her NCLEX experience. Here’s Eileen’s story in her own words…

As a BSN student, UWorld gave me the tools to beat the NCLEX! I purchased the UWorld 180-day QBank + Assessment Test 1, and it did a great job of preparing me for the NCLEX.

I chose UWorld because a lot of the nurses I work with said that was all they used to study, and they passed on the first try. I heard some of my classmates talking about studying using a NCLEX review book, but I hate just reading; I like to challenge myself.

The UWorld QBank helped me gauge my learning, and the rationales were so in-depth, all while getting straight to the point. I couldn’t find that in an NCLEX review book, which goes over everything and anything.

UWorld did a great job of condensing the most important information for the NCLEX.

My study plan consisted of splitting the major topics (adult health, maternity, pediatrics, etc) into their respective sub-categories (individual body systems, for example), and tackling each topic one at a time. I would finish one sub-category at a time, and once completing a full topic, I would re-read my notes and move on to the next topic.

I made sure to read all of the rationales, even on the questions, I got right, as sometimes there is additional information that was useful to me.

In total, I studied for 3.5 weeks. Many of my classmates who started studying before me are still studying with an exam review book, but UWorld allowed me to make the most of my limited time.

Once I went through all of the topics, I completed my Self-Assessment Exam. This was two days before my exam, and I wanted to gauge how well I knew the material and to see which topics I needed to review one last time. I ended up with 59% and a “high chance of passing”. Although not an ideal result, I felt I knew enough to pass the exam.

I completed the NCLEX with 75 questions, and passed the NCLEX!

For anyone who is anxious, like I was, when trying to figure out the perfect way to study, I want to let you know that UWorld is more than enough. It’s not a textbook, so you are not just reading and writing down notes. UWorld gives a very good simulation of the exam, and I think that helps a lot. Read all of the rationales, write down questions you found difficult, and review. Most importantly, BELIEVE in yourself. You made it this far, and, if you study hard, you will be more than fine!

Whether you’re a nursing program looking to supplement your curriculum or a nursing student in search of test-prep materials, check us out to see how UWorld can help you find NCLEX success.

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