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There are a lot of words we could use to describe students who are finishing up their nursing education, but perhaps the most appropriate word is “busy.” If your hectic schedule keeps you on the go, join the thousands of nursing students who have downloaded UWorld Nursing’s highly-rated NCLEX app to prepare for the NCLEX-RN® or NCLEX-PN® exam. 

Here are four tips to help you make the most of your NCLEX prep app and ensure you feel confident on exam day… 

Create NCLEX Practice Tests in Tutor or Timed Mode

One of the great things about your NCLEX prep app is that you can customize your study on-the-go. In your UWorld Nursing QBank, you can create an NCLEX practice test in “tutor” or “timed” mode. All you have to do is select the mode you want to practice in – the practice test mode options are at the top of your “create a test” screen.

If you select tutor mode, you will see detailed rationales after each question you answer. When tutor mode is off, you will not see the explanations until after you have completed the practice test.  

If you select timed mode, you will be taking the NCLEX practice test you have created under time constraints. This can be beneficial because it applies exam-like pressure during your practice session. When you eventually take the actual exam, you will be used to answering questions while on the clock. 

Select Between Traditional and Next Generation NCLEX® Questions

With the Next Generation NCLEX (NGN) changes launching April of 2023, it is important for candidates who are taking their exam in 2023 or later to begin prepping for Next Gen-style questions. However, keep in mind that the new NCLEX will have a mixture of both traditional NCLEX questions and new NGN questions, so you will need to prepare for both question types. 

In your UWorld Nursing NCLEX app, you have the convenient option to select which question types you want to practice in any given study session. When creating a practice test, simply select traditional, Next Generation NCLEX, or a mix of questions to create a practice test that’s right for you. This is a helpful way to grow accustomed to the new types of clinical judgment questions you will see on the NGN without compromising your practice for traditional NCLEX questions.

Focus on Questions You Answered Incorrectly or Marked for Review

The best prep for either the NCLEX-RN or the NCLEX-PN exam is always efficient prep – think “study smarter, not harder.” And one of the best ways to study efficiently is found right in your UWorld Nursing app.

When you create an NCLEX practice test in your mobile app, you can use question mode to choose “incorrect” or “marked” questions. 

When you select “incorrect” questions, your NCLEX practice test will consist of questions you have previously answered incorrectly. When you select “marked” questions, you will be presented with questions that you previously marked for further review. 

This creates a more efficient study session because it allows you to target subjects and systems where you may have knowledge gaps. During these individualized study sessions, you won’t see questions that you have answered correctly in the past. Instead, these sessions will allow you to self-remediate, practicing questions that have caused you problems previously.

Improve Your Retention by Creating Flashcards and Taking Notes

Customizable and innovative study features is another differentiator that makes your UWorld Nursing app so highly-rated. Two of the most noteworthy of these features are Flashcards with spaced repetition technology and My Notebook.

The Flashcards feature allows you to build a flashcard by transferring written and visual content to both sides of the card. You can also add your own notes and create custom tags for improved searchability. The spaced repetition technology helps you see the difficult flashcards more frequently until you master them, then with decreased frequency so your brain creates long-term retention of the content. 

The My Notebook feature is all about helping you study in the way that works best for your learning style. My Notebook is a great addition to your NCLEX prep app because it allows you to create a customizable, digital notebook where you can take notes and add QBank content for future, personalized study of the concepts you find the most challenging. Additionally, you can personalize your notes with the editor functionality. Bolding, highlighting, bullet points, etc. – make your notes your own.

And here is the best part about your UWorld Nursing app . . .

The app is free to download and access as part of your NCLEX-RN or NCLEX-PN subscription!

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