Lourdes Proves Consistency Wins the NCLEX

A tortoise crosses the blue finish line of a race.
Lourdes University instructor Lauren Reinard reveals how she transformed NCLEX pass rates from 48% to 100% using targeted practice & real-life scenarios with UWorld
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A tortoise crosses the blue finish line of a race.
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At Lourdes University’s School of Nursing, Lauren Reinard, an instructor and testing coordinator, has actively pursued her lifelong ambition to be a nursing educator. Coming from a family legacy of nursing and teaching, Lauren was always certain of her calling to shape the minds of future nurses. As the instructor for Lourdes’ senior Capstone course, she extends her influence beyond traditional one-on-one patient care, impacting students on a much larger scale.

Teaching, especially preparing students for the NCLEX, is the foundation of Lauren’s career. Year after year, she finds immense joy in guiding aspiring nurses through the complexities of this rigorous exam. Her unwavering commitment to her students’ progression into fulfilling nursing careers continues to fuel her passion—which is why a couple of years ago, she decided to take the necessary steps to (all but) guarantee their success on the NCLEX.

Lourdes University’s Nursing Instructor and Testing Coordinator, Ms. Lauren Reinard

A Worthwhile NCLEX Investment

Lauren understood that becoming a successful nurse entailed more than just passing the NCLEX. Unfortunately, that didn’t change the fact that her students struggled with low pass rates and a curriculum that didn’t align well with the exam’s requirements. Even more concerning was her students’ dissatisfaction with the nursing program’s existing prep tools, which meant they weren’t consistently studying with them. She learned that 75% of her students had resorted to purchasing UWorld after graduation for better NCLEX preparation.

This feedback deeply troubled Lauren, which is why she saw integrating UWorld officially into Lourdes’ nursing program as a potential solution. Her objectives were twofold: first, she wanted to realign the curriculum with NCLEX standards; second, she wanted to provide the study tools her students already preferred instead of them having to purchase their own after graduation. By implementing UWorld, Lauren aimed not only to improve pass rates but also to ensure that students felt engaged and well-prepared for the NCLEX. She knew that a valuable exam prep tool would promote consistent study habits and, ultimately, lead to her students’ success.

A Balance of Consistency and Quality

The introduction of UWorld marked a significant turning point for Lauren and her students in their NCLEX exam preparation. Impressed by its user-friendly interface and the extensive collection of diagrams and clear explanations that closely mirrored the NCLEX, both Lauren and her program director recognized its value after a personal trial. The overwhelmingly positive student feedback during this initial phase was remarkable. Consequently, Lourdes University strategically decided to replace a less effective product with UWorld, ensuring access to this premium study tool without an additional financial burden. Lauren particularly valued UWorld’s simplicity and its close resemblance to the actual NCLEX. Students were drawn to its intuitive design and the convenience of studying through the mobile app, anywhere and anytime.

Embracing the timeless wisdom of “slow and steady wins the race,” Lauren encouraged consistent daily practice over cramming. She integrated 60-75 UWorld questions into her weekly Professional Nursing Capstone classes, prompting students to use UWorld for targeted practice in their weaker areas.

“Slow and steady wins the race. It’s like the tortoise and the hair; don’t just kill yourself [by] doing all of these questions two weeks before the exam. Consistency is the key. Can you do 25 questions and spend 35 minutes on [them], reading [their] rationales? And if you can do that every day, consistently, for a month or two months, I think you will be right on track to pass.” ~Lauren Reinard

A tortoise moves ahead in a race against a hare. Slow and steady wins the NCLEX.

In adopting the flipped classroom model, Lauren shifted away from traditional PowerPoint lectures, opting for more interactive class sessions. Group discussions on case studies and UWorld questions became instrumental in preparing for the Next Generation NCLEX. Moreover, she encouraged students to lead sessions, explaining their thought processes to peers after tackling UWorld questions. This method not only heightened student engagement but also deepened their comprehension, underscoring the effectiveness of a steady, methodical approach to learning.

Group discussions on case studies and UWorld questions became instrumental in preparing for the Next Generation NCLEX. Moreover, she encouraged students to lead sessions, explaining their thought processes to peers after tackling UWorld questions.

Great Pass Rates and Even Greater Confidence

Lauren’s implementation of UWorld significantly impacted her students’ NCLEX results. Within just one year, their pass rates skyrocketed from 48% (Spring 2022) to a flawless 100% (Spring 2023). However, it wasn’t solely about the numbers. 

The true measure of success was the boost in her students’ confidence, especially for those who had previously struggled with standardized tests. Lauren observed a clear correlation between a student’s regular use of UWorld and their NCLEX success. The students who engaged with the platform daily, answering a few questions each day over several weeks, experienced the most improvement. This was particularly true for those who had faced academic challenges in the past.

Lourdes’ University’s nursing students went from a 48% NCLEX pass rate in 2022 to a 100% pass rate in 2023.

The fact that the students genuinely enjoyed using UWorld further demonstrated its effectiveness. Lauren believed that their satisfaction with the platform was just as important as the high pass rates. Her approach focused on more than mere memorization; it cultivated critical thinking skills that would benefit the students throughout their nursing careers.

The impressive test results of the students were the outcome of several positive changes. According to Lauren, aligning Lourdes’ nursing curriculum with educational resources like UWorld played a pivotal role. Even students who hadn’t always been top performers were able to excel with the aid of UWorld’s detailed explanations and quizzes. Lauren’s philosophy of consistent and intentional preparation was instrumental in fostering the critical thinking skills necessary to pass the NCLEX and thrive in the nursing field.

Promised Support for a Promising Future

Moving ahead, Lauren is eager to continue supporting her nursing students in any way she can. She particularly enjoys UWorld’s latest video resources and intends to encourage students to incorporate them into their study plans. Additionally, Lauren encourages her fellow faculty members in the nursing program to use UWorld’s videos as instructional support during class. Moreover, she plans to integrate UWorld’s Next Gen NCLEX questions into her students’ overall grades due to their strong alignment with current standards. However, her main goal is student satisfaction.

“The best indicator besides great pass rates is student satisfaction.” ~Lauren Reinard

Lourdes University’s commitment to embracing innovative educational tools and practices is evidence of their faculty’s dedication to the ever-changing landscape of nursing education. They, like UWorld, are devoted to helping their students excel academically and become successful nurses.

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